Do You Know These Pros And Cons Of Your Favorite Erection Pills?

Do You Know These Pros And Cons Of Your Favorite Erection Pills?

Have you been thinking seriously about improving your sex life lately, and considering to buy some erection pills? Before you go for an erection enhancer pill, you should consider the size of your penis and then think again whether you actually need them or not. The size of a flaccid penis can vary from 5 to 10 cm when flaccid, but about 3 cm length variations should occur when the penis is fully erect. If you do not see considerable variation between the size of your flaccid penis and that of your erect penis, then it is very likely that you do need a pill for erection indeed.

A man’s erection is generally a sensitive issue for them. The fear and need to satisfy one’s partner makes anybody conscious of the size of their erect penis. The average length of an erect penis varies from 5 to 7 inches long. When not satisfied with their erection, many men nowadays are going for erection pills . However, these days it seems that the media are seeing to it that no man would ever be satisfied with the quality of their erection.

Everyday, personal email inboxes are flooded with a thousand of spam adverts about erection enhancing pills , boasting that the magic pill can dramatically enlarge the size of the erect penis, both in terms of length and width. Instant results are equally advertised, which is one feature about erection pills that really attract consumers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the instant effect of these pills is in fact the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of that particular product, as compared to other available treatments and solutions to improve erections, such as penis patches and exercises.

Other than helping to achieve harder erections, erection pills enhance the user’s ability to hold his erection for a much longer time period, increase his sex drive or libido, as well as enhance the quantity of semen, sperm, and ejaculation, thus generally enhancing sexual pleasure and male fertility. Overall, taking such pills increases men’s self-confidence in the bedroom. And it is a fact that the more self-confident you feel, the harder erection you will naturally achieve; it is a simple fact that if you feel better about your penis, you will perform better in the bedroom.

However, the consumption of erection enhancer pills is not risk free, and in fact may result in different types of adverse or undesired effects, depending upon the health and medical conditions of the individual users. Some men are so anxious about the quality of their erection that they go for erection enhancing pills without sufficient research about the components, risks of side effects, and laboratory history of these products. Often these people fall in the hands of medical imposters that populate the Internet.

So if you are going after erection pills, you should see both the pros and cons, and preferably consult a physician about whether they suit you or not. And who knows, maybe your erection is not as bad as you think, after all?